Facebook News Feed Gets An Extreme Makeover

After adding the Subscribe Button and the New Friend List Options, Facebook launched  its newest version of the News Feed. When the social network unveiled their latest updates, many people believed that Facebook was influenced by Google + and Twitter. Their latest News Feed includes new features and updates that have many users expressing their inner “dislike” button.  There have been many criticisms from dedicated users about the new layout.  For example, some  are complaining about the confusion caused by all of the extra feeds. Though, when Facebook comes out with something new, there tends to be a general annoyance among users at first.


Facebook’s Current Features

The old News Feed use to show updates based on chronological order. It now combines Most Recent and Top Stories in one feed. The Top Stories and Recent Posts are in two separate sections. You can identify the Top Stories location by it being marked with a blue corner.

Another feature that Facebook presented is the brand new real-time ticker. The ticker appears in the upper right corner. It instantly shows what friends are doing, their updates and also allows them to chat in real time.  I personally thought it was funny when Facebook announced these new features that a lot of the real-time comments were about how annoying these updates were.

These recent updates and features are now tailored to how often a user visits the site. If you are a frequent user, Facebook will occupy more of your feed. If you have been away from Facebook for a while, you’ll see the top stories, photos and statuses that you’ve missed.

With more options on editing your Lists and the Subscribe button, Facebook now displays photo thumbnails in a larger format as well.


What Will Facebook Do Next?

This may be a clear sign that Facebook is still trying to be the top of their game in the social media world. With the success of Google +, Facebook is constantly attempting  to revamp their  layout style to compete with them. With any new update from Facebook, users need time to play around with the features so they can fully understand them. Despite the complaints, Facebook continues to grow in revenue and in users. How about you? What do you think of Facebook’s new facelift?

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