Facebook Mobile App Seeing Targeted Social Media Marketing

Do you use the Facebook app on your phone? Well get ready as all Android, iPad, and iPhone users will be seeing targeted social media marketing ads as soon as March. We saw a preview of this back in December when Facebook began running sponsored stories but the ads will be moving to your mobile phone. So how will Facebook actually do this? The Financial Times reports that mobile app users can expect something similar to Twitter’s promoted tweets as you will see sponsored stories mixed in with your personal mobile news feed.

Coming from its Initial Public Offering (IPO) Filed on Feb. 1, the company illustrated the mobile app function as a well of potential revenue source, with the current lack of mobile revenue “possibly killing our company. Almost half of Facebook’s 845 million users access Facebook through their mobile device.

Target Date – March

More on this will be discussed at an event where internet marketing companies talk advertising in New York Feb. 29 – which we can also expect to hear announcements on how internet advertising firms will take advantage of the social network. A lot of changes are in store for the monster social networking site. We still are awaiting the much anticipated mandatory update of Timeline and how this will impact users within the next couple of weeks.

What are your thoughts on this? Will the ads on Facebook be too much for your smartphone screen?

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