New Feature Alert: Facebook Live Allows Scheduling, Opens Pre-Stream Lobby

facebook live scheduling and pre-stream lobbyFacebook Live has been one of the biggest social stories of 2016. The social juggernaut sat back when Periscope and Meerkat initially launched their products, working on their own version that has since dominated the live stream market.

This week they announced updates to this service (which we think provide tremendous opportunities) that will be available at first only to Verified Pages.

Facebook Live New Features

Scheduling – Facebook Live will now allow Verified Pages to schedule a live broadcast up to a week in advance.

Pre-Stream Lobby – Users will now be able to join the Live Stream lobby up to 3 minutes in advance of the live broadcast

What This Means for Marketers

The ability to schedule a live broadcast will allow marketers to create buzz and build an audience well before their stream begins. Rather than simply posting to “Stay tuned” or “Check back” – we can now supply our audience with an actual link to the broadcast, where they can opt in to receive a reminder right before the stream is scheduled to begin.

This link can be promoted via organic and paid posts, tweets and even blog posts to help encourage viewership and drive anticipation.

As for the lobby, there’s no need to wait to get into the meat of your video content as your audience slowly trickles in. By joining the lobby before the broadcast begins, your audience will be waiting (on the edge of their seats, hopefully) for the stream to start.

How to Schedule a Live Video

So the obvious question is: “Well, how do I schedule and set up my live stream?” Facebook has you covered with a step-by-step guide. But for an abridged version, follow these easy-to-follow steps!

  • Go to “Publishing Tools”
  • Copy your Stream Credentials
  • Write your post copy
  • Finalize your live broadcast
  • Promote it and be ready to go live!

As Facebook Live continues to grow in popularity, it’s important for brands to define ways the platform fits into their social strategy. By adding the ability to schedule live streaming provides marketers with more tools to better engage with their audiences.

We’re excited to start scheduling broadcasts with our clients, are you?!

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