.facebook is our friend

In our post from February 12, Brent shared about a workshop on internet marketing he hosted with Jeff at UCSD for Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). I, the friendly neighborhood intern, happen to hail from UCSD, and it just so happened that the day after their workshop, my friend IMed me. It went something like this:

Friend: You intern with Jeff and Brent?
Me: Yeah!
Me: Wait a second, how’d you know that, how do you know them
Me: And… who are you? You’re on my buddylist but I don’t remember who you are
Friend: Wow… fail. It’s Kevin
Me: Kevin, hey!
Kevin: They hosted a workshop at UCSD for FBLA
Me: Ooooh! When!
Kevin: Last night. They’re really cool!
Me: Ooooooh! Yeah!

And then Kevin proceeded to tell me a whole bunch of cool things about my own boss that I’d never known and I felt resentful. But all that aside, the reason why my friend had been able to match me to my superiors was due to Facebook. IMI has a Facebook group – which you really must join if you’re reading this and have a Facebook, and if you don’t have a Facebook, you really must get one – and I had invited all my friends from UCSD I knew were involved in the Communications department or had similar marketing aspirations.

Now I’m not calling my friend Kevin a stalker because he’s not like that, but Facebook has incredible social networking potentials. You can put names to faces and faces to names and names to companies, and so on. Had I not invited a bunch of my friends to IMI’s Facebook group, those of them who’d attended the workshop hosted by Jeff and Brent would not have been able to put my name to this company and would not have been able to chat with me later on as Kevin did and ask me more about the company and about my experience interning here.

So jump onboard, get yourself networked across Facebook, update your Facebook groups, and keep the conversations coming!

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