Facebook Changes its Analytics, but what does this mean for Advertisers?

A well-known element that Facebook has perfected is their emphasis on social interactivity. But as any business owner would know, a lot of traffic doesn’t mean you’re necessarily making money. So to keep up with their very hungry advertisers, Facebook introduced a new way of letting companies reach their target audience; by letting Facebook users do the advertising for them.

How will this help advertisers?

Now, when a user “Likes” a company, it will display a small amount of information about that company that appears on the user’s page. To that user’s friends and family it will look almost as if a personal recommendation. This new way of advertising is categorized in the “People Talking about This” metric. This way advertisers can not only track who “Likes” their products but also track how many unique clicks their page will receive -putting a new spin on “hearing it by word of mouth”.

Advertisers view of People Talking About This Metric
Facebook's New Analytics

How is it different from every day “spam”?

By changing their advertising to this new metric, users will be less likely to ignore an advertisement and view it all useful information. Once a user sees a company that catches their interest they can check on reviews about their products or services as suggested by their very own friends. This gives users a more at ease feeling when browsing around on Facebook.

"Like" Status updates
Friends following Friends

How can you be a part of this new change?

As Facebook hosts over 800 million active users to date, advertisers are swooning over this new expansion. To find out more ways that your company can use social media to your advantage, check out our Social Media Optimization page and get to know our expert staff in this field. As of Monday October 3rd, we at Internet Marketing Inc. introduced a new Social Media Director by the name of Carrie Peterson. With her expertise in marketing with the implementation of social media, Carrie is a perfect addition to our ever growing team.


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