Facebook Buys Instagram for a Hefty Price Tag

If you haven’t been keeping up in the exciting developments in the social media world, you should know that Facebook has acquired Instagram. However, this is no small acquisition. This move cost Facebook a whopping $1 Billion dollars in stocks and cash.

Is it worth the money? Well, this is a very strategic move for Facebook. Instagram already had an iPhone community of 27 million sharing photos and communicating with each other. With the recent move over to the Android market, there are estimates that this community will easily reach 50 million users. This is significant because part of Facebook’s dominance as the leading social network is with its photo sharing and viewing capabilities. Furthermore, Instagram was becoming a social network of its own between these photo enthusiasts. So, it was necessary for Zuckerberg to make a move to acquire the app. It is a smart move for Facebook to consolidate competitors that are threatening its social dominance.

Instagram will stay a standalone app. However, we should expect to see more and more integrations with Facebook on the horizon. There is a lot of speculation as to what cool, new features will be released with this integration. We don’t know if there will be capabilities for internet marketing management added to Instagram or not. But some of the ideas floating around are that users will be able to tag themselves in Instagram photos, Instagram photos will be able to be location tagged, and there will be the ability to use Instagram’s photo editing capabilities for Facebook photos. For now, there is nothing official released, but expect to see new features like these down the line.

This acquisition has not been pleasing to everyone. Many Apple users were already bothered when Instagram was released for the Android market. Now with the Facebook acquisition, even more are jumping ship. Many third-party photo sharing services are finding themselves with an influx of new users. This provides some new avenues for internet marketing companies. Followgram, Carousel, and InstaDesk are a few of these third party services that are gaining users. But this is only a portion of Instagrams users. Despite those leaving the app, Instagram still has a large following and will most likely keep growing.

With Facebook owning the application, expect to see a lot more Instagram news a features flooding your news feeds. This has already angered some enough to leave but will probably greatly benefit those who remain with the app.

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