Facebook Beats Estimates

After recently posting revenues of $1.18 billion, Facebook has beaten second quarter estimates. This small bump in revenue calms some people’s nerves as fears of the company’s success were still looming over their heads after an abysmal IPO. The site’s large majority of revenue came from advertising at $992 million, beating expectations by $71 million. Facebook reported that there were jumps in daily, monthly, and mobile users of 32%, 29%, and 67% respectively.

This news comes as relief to many, not only investors, but also to the rest of the industry as many companies have begun investing in social media, with Facebook being the main priority. Recently, the whole notion of content is king, and an emphasis on social media along with connecting with consumers has taken the forefront for many internet marketing companies. These positive reports from the popular website may be a precursor of something to come in the future. Social media has become more important over the past year and is said to even be good for ranking within Google. Is this the beginning of social media exploding into the internet marketing world?

Many tactics and processes that were once prominent with SEO and internet marketing have now become obsolete with the new Google updates. Many marketers and companies have turned to social media sites such as Facebook as another avenue for reaching their target market, especially as popularity has increased among these types of sites. Will we see Facebook increase its revenue in the future with more and more companies pouring their trust into the social platform? Or will we see it all come crashing down?

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