Facebook as Social Media

I shall tell you a story:

Once upon a time, little Joyce received her admittance into college. One of the first things Joyce did was tell her family and friends. Then she joined Facebook. Facebook was one of those elitist networks that only big kids in college had the privilege of joining. And once a newly-admitted student joined, one could look for fellow students who were in the same college or year or major and “meet” the new suitemates and feel kind of cool and plugged in.

In these past four years, Facebook has since taken over the world. According to the research firm comScore, in April of this past year, Facebook outstripped Myspace as THE online social networking hub based on monthly visitors, largely due to its translation application. Facebook has been snapping up international users like chubby little kids grasping for candies on Halloween. (… which it happens to be today! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!)

Facebook has also changed drastically throughout these past few years. In September of 2005, high schoolers were welcomed to join Facebook. However, the step in Facebook development that most applies to Social Media Optimization (SMO) was when Facebook was opened to anyone with a valid e-mail address in September of 2006.

Suddenly, the possibilities were endless: By creating a page for your company on Facebook, you can access a network of over 110 million active users across the world. However, since Facebook profiles are intended for individuals, your business can create a Facebook business page. Once you have created an account for your company, remember to feature links to your company’s website, update your Facebook regularly, and keep your “fans” posted with news, events, photos, videos, and whatever else your heart desires!

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