FaceBook Apps and Mobile Widgets

Interested in taking your social media marketing capaign to the next level?  You can gain a vast amount of momentum through traditional social media marketing methods and frankly it is best to start with the basics anyway.  However, once you have an engaged audience, what is the next step?  With a great foundation set and a loyal and engaged audience behind you, you can execute a wide variety of marketing, promotional, and brand building strategies.   So how do you do this?

There are a wide variety of open source applications for promotions, events, fundraising, non-profit causes, etc.  But if you really want to personalize your brand’s social engagement, it should be done using customized social media technology such as Facebook applications and widgets for mobile devices.

social media process


Promotional FaceBook applications are designed to engage users, create a fun and “viral” tool that can be shared, and increase the fan base (i.e. you must become a fan to enter the “Video Contest”.  Here is an example of a FaceBook application we built for Hilton Hotels’ Video Vacation Contest where contestants must become a fan and then may upload videos nominating themsleves or friends/family to win a Mexico vacation.  It creats a fun way to involve the fan base and encourage them to “share” the contest opportunity with others.

Hilton App


And then there is mobile marketing and widgets for mobile devices.  Providing your audience with apps and widgets to download is a great added value to any social media campaign.  The audience that accesses their social networks via their mobile device is growing exponentially.  eMarketer projects that mobile social network users worldwide will climb from 243 million in 2009 to 803 million in 2012!  Internet marketing takes on many different forms but unless your brand is at least aware of the opportunities for social and mobile engagement, you are leaving money on the table!

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