Facebook Adds a New Translation App and More

Facebook has always been user friendly to the global market. By offering pages and profiles in various languages, users can make their profile specific not only to their country but also to their culture. In an effort to expand their market even further, Facebook added a new “Translation App”. This new feature allows users to turn on the App then simply select “translate” when in contact with pages, or posts that are in another language that isn’t their own. For example, if a “Friend” of mine posted their status in Spanish then I can select “Translate” and I will get an English translation of that post in a drop box just below the original post.

Do I need to change my Facebook settings?

This new feature is great for users who do not want to change their settings but would like a quick translation of a page they can’t understand. In addition this will help companies with a diverse multi-culture cliental who want to connect with all customers despite the language barrier.

How many languages are available?

So far Facebook has offered up to 55 different languages that can be translated across the board. More languages are expected to be added, and with the option to rate this new app, Facebook plans to not only expand all languages but to make each a more locally based translation. This way there isn’t any mistranslations for areas that speak their native language a bit different than the state next to them. Facebook also introduced two additional tools: Facebook Connect Wizard and Playground as a way to make implementing Facebook Connect easier for developers and content creators alike. With the Facebook Wizard, users can incorporate the Facebook Connect into their web page in just three steps. The Playground application offers code samples for adding Facebook Connect buttons, profile images and friends to your site.

How can I take advantage of these new features?

Thanks to all these new applications, Facebook has become even more user friendly and diverse for all users. The biggest question from these new changes will be how Google+ intends competing with Facebook over these new applications.

How will these new apps help your company expand on their Social Media strength? Ask our Social Media Director Carrie how you can further expand your company by implementing these new features.

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