Everyone Wins with Breadcrumb Links

Breadcrumb links are usually found under the main navigation. These links show you where you have been throughout the site and have links to help the user to return to the previous page. This facilitates navigation throughout the website and to recently viewed pages. To make these links more SEO friendly these links should contain text links and keywords that are relevant to the page. This creates keyword rich links between the pages of your website. For example if your website is an ecommerce site selling clothing your breadcrumb could look like this:

Breadcrumbs not only help the user navigate your website but they also inform the search engines of your internal site structure and hierarchy. This helps the search engines determine the importance of each page of your website because the more important pages in the website will have more links to it.

Breadcrumb links should also follow you through the checkout process if you have an ecommerce website. This will help the person buying your product understand how many steps they will have to go through to checkout. This also helps if they want to jump back and change parts of their order. Although only about 6% of the people that navigate to your website will use this tool it is valuable for your internet marketing strategy.

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