Why Everyone Needs a Vacation

When you’re in charge of a fast-growing company, it isn’t easy to take time away. Brent Gleeson and Brandon Fishman, co-founders of Internet Marketing Inc. know all too well what a 60-80 hour work week looks like, but the consequences of not taking time away from work can take its toll on one’s health, well-being, stress levels and relationships.

As Brent and Brandon admit, being able to unplug and disconnect from work is a learned skill.  Scheduling mini vacations or long trips gives you something to look forward to and allows your brain time to unwind and focus on the things that truly matter in life (family, relationships & interests). Work is very important to many of us, but having a work / life balance doesn’t mean you get less done. If anything, allowing yourself some down time or time away from work actually increases your productivity and positive outlook on things.

Working too much and putting in long hours over an extended period of time can be a significant risk factor for depression and heart disease. Depressed and sick individuals don’t make for productive employees. There is a positive relationship between vacations and performance. Just like there is a positive relationship between fitness and health. Time away from work could be a quick workout or walk at lunch. Time off, performance and health are all related; finding balance is essential to a well-rounded happy life.

Brent Gleeson, CMO, former Navy SEAL, husband and dad writes about “How A Highly Ambitious, Never Satisfied Navy SEAL Found Happiness” in his latest Inc.com article.  It reiterates the importance of finding balance and why re-prioritizing the things that matter can give someone renewed strength, confidence and drive.

Do yourself a favor and schedule that vacation, you won’t regret it.

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