Adobe MAX Conference: Every Designer Deserves a Vacay

designers vacay adobe max conferenceEvery designer deserves a vacay and some insights.

If there is one design conference to go to, there is nothing that competes with the Adobe MAX Conference, held this year at the bayfront in San Diego, California. From the nonstop buffets of food (finally, designers get to eat!) to a pavilion of new technology like 3D printers scanning your body and then printing out a mini figure of yourself. To the most inspiring speakers from our own industry, sneak peeks of new technology, and workshops to teach us new techniques, it’s a true, brilliant tornado of inspiration. There is nothing Adobe MAX offered that was anything but amazing.

I think every company that has a creative department or uses a creative agency knows how hard designers work. They’re probably in the office even now. So, if you want to show your gratitude or make them learn something new, send them to the Adobe MAX Conference.

Let me give you some insights as to just a few things they can come back with and improve for your clients, the company, or even themselves.

Technology Takeaways, Creative Inspiration

The technology is there for all of us to use, but it’s the power of creativity in each of us that comes up with the ideas that bring them to life. Adobe Creative Suite is full of useful tools that help cross collaborate with designers and even clients to review.

  • The Adobe Creative Library is an internal program app that helps organize multiple clients assets, logos, colors, fonts, images and icons into one cloud-based system accessible to all team members, which saves time accessing assets, but also ensures brand consistency.
  • Adobe XD has the capability to change multiple pages of a website design with just a simple click to one page to then update the rest. Talk about a time saver. 
  • Adobe Spark is used to easily create social images, videos and websites to publish creative to multiple channels using templates and preset functions. This is great for quick ideas and turnarounds to get your ideas out and functional prior to spending a lot of time in Photoshop doing this.

Masters of None – Session by The Made Shop

Takeaway: design by ignorance.

Yes, we usually work with a creative brief and strategy, but merging some of our unknown childlike mentality and sometimes off-the-wall ideas can create something quite different and impactful. For some of us that have to work within certain parameters, we can kick some design butt doing the things we creatives like to do, such as working outside the box, and opening eyes to new possibilities.

The Made Shop, a small but mighty design shop, based in Denver, Colorado that will do anything but the norm increased a local coffee shop’s sales by 40% just by rebranding their company. Although burnt out from working on other coffee shop clients, they went outside the box and created a unique print pattern of coffee flowers and branches. They also created a unique video challenging themselves with using only twine, pins and a whiteboard to create a stop-action video that was brilliant and amazing. Check out their presentation.

There are so many takeaways I gathered by learning new techniques and seeing advanced, downright cool stuff from this conference. Plus, I had the chance to attend the most amazing bash with two live bands, a dessert conveyor belt, and a world-traveling art installation by Janet Echelman, that made you see the sky and motion of air in a whole beautiful fashion. I’m extremely thankful for my company allowing me to expand my creative mind changing the world through digital experiences.

“We have the power of creativity and design to make this world a better place.” Shantanu Narayen

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