Even News Websites are on the Social bandwagon

Twitter is the latest craze in the social media sphere.  Everyone from President Obama to homebuilders to the average internet geek is on Twitter posting updates and following and being followed.  I recently perused Twitter and I found The Washington Post.  I grew up reading The Washington Post and to see a news site with a Twitter account kind of baffled me and made me think about the power of this 3 year old website.  An Internet marketing company will tell you social media is extremely important to any internet marketing campaign – and for good reason.  This is a prime example of why using sites like Twitter will be beneficial for any social media campaign – and here’s why…

You know a site is worth being a part of when one of the top newspaper websites in the world uses that site to post updates about the news.  Online newspapers are great because of the fact that users can get current information (not always accurate, though) from not actually ordering a paper every morning but by simply logging on to a site and reading what’s new.  Also – having an online site allows the company – such as The Washington Post – to post new articles and breaking news when it happens so that readers don’t need to wait until the next morning to read the paper and find out what happened.  Now, these up-to-the minute sites like the Post are using social media sites like Twitter to broadcast the news – does anyone else find this ironic?  It’s quite incredible that a leading paper would be on a site like Twitter and use it to update their followers about what’s happening in the world.

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