Simple Steps to Engage Your Viewer

I have worked in real estate advertising – well, attached for-sale real estate advertising for almost three years and have enjoyed the ups and downs. I’ve enjoyed the ups slightly more. I have seen some good websites and some terrible websites. One thing I have noticed is that some of the most successful developments have very engaging and user-friendly websites for the consumer.

This starts with a strong search engine optimization campaign coupled with a strong PPC campaign. Once the person searching gets to the site, the site loads quickly and there are many calls to action. Calls to action include but are not limited to contact forms and a phone number and even an e-mail address for a sales rep.

These sites also have up-to-date news about the project through a blog written by the sales team and sometimes the developer so that the user feels like he or she is getting the most relevant and recent information. Viewers also want to know not only about the project but where the project is located and what’s around that area.

A very successful and engaging site will build the trust of the user. Also, another tidbit of information – if a user fills out a brochure form wanting information, there should be a sales rep contacting that person within an hour or even 30 minutes. This will make the user and potential homeowner feel important and more likely to come back to the site and perhaps buy a unit.

An internet marketing company can help developers in providing all the tools for building a successful and engaging site for any user.

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