Emergencies & Natural Disaster Warnings through Social Media

With more than 66% of adult online users now connected to one or more social media platforms, it is no wonder why news and media now travels faster than ever before. People keep in touch, follow their favorite celebrities, and listen to their favorite news source. So what is the next big social influencer? Emergency and response agencies seem to be the next big organizations to follow.

We have seen signs of large organizations and governmental agencies taking advantage of sending mass social media messages. A great example of social media being utilized in a time of need came during the recent shootings at Oikos University in Oakland. The Oakland Police Department sent out a tweet on Twitter that reported the shooting telling people to avoid the area. What is interesting is that their Twitter bio states that their account is not meant for actual emergencies; instead it is a tool used to relay general information pertaining to the Oakland Police Department.

So what holds these organizations, agencies, and non-profits back from using social media emergency messages in their entirety? Well the answer is time. In a time of crisis where time is limited, the effort in updating news feeds and status updates requires a significant portion of time. Especially in the time of a disaster or an emergency, users & response agencies will find other means of reaching out for help.

However, this does not discount the efforts made in linking social media marketing and emergencies together. Also the warning and alerting people though social media is still in the beginning phase as not everyone is tied into it yet. Over time we should see a clearer picture, but for now the internet marketing efforts are being made in the right direction.

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