Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing channels out there.  As more and more companies move away from print media and direct mail, more companies are enhancing their email marketing capabilities to target new and repeat customers.

3 Myths about HTML Email Programming

Myth #1

  • I can design and code an email the same way I do for a web page


  • Emails need to be written in the simplest HTML code as possible
  • Minimum use of CSS style sheets should be considered in HTML coding of emails

Myth #2

  • All email browsers render emails the same


  • Email browsers such as Yahoo, MSN, Google all render emails differently
  • Google Gmail does not support HTML Body background color elements
  • Outlook 2007 does not support HTMl CSS background table colors

Myth #3

  • Programming and deploying all image based emails will not hurt your email marketing campaign


  • All image based emails are not a good email marketing strategy
  • All image based emails generally have lower open rates, because most email service providers block from showing the images to the end user
  • With the advancement of  web and email server spam software, there are a lot servers out there that block end users from getting image based emails all together

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