Email Marketing in 2014

Email marketing will only get more popular in the years to come. Marketers are learning how to properly segment their databases and target email messages to create a better experience for their subscribers. It will be essential that marketers focus less on blatantly promotional emails and more on providing relevant, valuable content that engages their readers (which of course includes special offers and discounts!).


Standing Out From All The Rest

Consumers no longer have the patience they used to and are inundated with emails for different products and services. For a company to stick out in 2014, it will be vital they use segmentation through data analysis and market research to deliver targeted, personalized experiences to the right audience at the right time. Email marketing will evolve, adopting a more interactive value driven approach with videos, surveys and contests. Social media, strategic alliances, mobile apps and video marketing will show to be successful strategies in 2014.

It is crucial to make customer data capture (name, email, phone and address) top on a company’s priority list. Gathering information from customers is one of the most important strategies in marketing especially if they want to have a successful email marketing campaign. It can also give insight into the target audience and their behaviors as it relates to what they find relevant and informative.

Having contact information enables companies to reach out to customers with special offers or to inform them of new products or services. When a company is able to personalize their marketing messages directly to the person that purchased from them, they can improve click through rates and conversions. Email marketing has grown into one of the most cost effective and successful forms of direct marketing. Marketing teams can monitor and react to consumer behavior and adjust marketing campaigns according to what the data is telling them.

Content Must Be Valuable And Relevant 

People want to receive content that is relevant to them in a form that is easy to understand. Over 70% of people prefer to receive special offers over any other form of call to action. Many companies have incorporated triggered email marketing and found it to have a higher conversion rate. Triggered email marketing is a special message or discount coupon sent to a subscriber based on the information they have provided including birthday, anniversary, job title or interests. Triggered email messages have higher click through rates than the “usual business” messages.

Think Mobile First

Almost all online consumers use email and most of them check their email daily. Email marketing efforts have a considerable impact on the sales cycle, from lead generation to conversions. In 2014, it will be necessary to create a mobile strategy because of the growing usage of smart phones and tablets. Mobile internet usage will overtake desktop usage in the near future. Creative mobile marketing campaigns and response design will be key drivers in the success of mobile strategies. The rate of emails being opened on smartphones and tablets has dramatically climbed the last 6 months. That number will continue to rise in the next 6 months and is the reason marketing teams have to increase their mobile marketing efforts to keep up with this trend.

Fuel The Sales Funnel

Email Marketing is one of the best tools to grow sales, provide lead generation and increase positive brand awareness. It is not only affordable, customizable, relationship focused, measurable and mobile, but it also supports and compliments the other digital marketing channels. Although it takes time to build, evaluate and segment your database, this can ultimately lead to better open rates, more tailored messages, fewer unsubscribes and better delivery. If a company can track the behavior of their subscribers they can refine the messaging for future emails resulting in higher click through rates and conversion.

2014 will be about custom content, segmentation of databases, responsive email design, targeted messages, and getting to know and interacting with your target audience. The fact that more people are reading emails on mobile devices, marketers have to make sure any content they provide a recipient is optimized for a mobile device. Furthermore, the content will need to be either interactive, entertaining or provide a solution to a problem. The days of one size fits all emails are a thing of the past. To make it in the email marketing arena moving forward, brands will need to step up their game.

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