Ecommerce Got Even Easier with Google Wallet Now Accepting All Major Credit Cards

Thanks to Google Wallet’s latest update online shopping is even more convenient for the 71% of people who buy a product while surfing the web. With this internet marketing companies will have more success since their products and services will be more obtainable to a broad audience.

The Google Wallet app update is made possible with a new cloud-based form of the app allowing the use of virtual plastic form of American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard when shoppers are purchasing goods online or in-store. Data is stored on a highly secure Google server and then a wallet ID or virtual card number is kept in the users’ cell phone’s secure storage area and then used during transactions.

The overall process when making transactions is quite simple. In order to save a card into the Google’s virtual wallet, one must enter the printed card number into their mobile phone and then can use the on-screen credit card to make payments. After completing the purchase, a transaction record appears on the phone listing the dollar amount of the charge and the name of the merchant. For easy instant access, every online receipt is saved in the digital wallet. Should you misplace your cell phone, Google provides users with a means to suspend your Google Wallet remotely.

Internet marketing case studies will determine how successful these updates are for increasing the use of Google Wallet with their mobile devices. I’m sure with this new ultra convenient form of paying for things people will appreciate this new even easier way to shop.



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