Earning Your Visitor's Trust

We can all work very hard to drive as much traffic as we can get; but in the long run is it really helping our businesses grow?  It certainly can!  Earning the trust of the visitors your bing to your site applies for all kinds of websites whether they are e-commerce related, B2B, or just information resources.  Getting people to your site can be hard enough and take a lot of strategy, planning, and budget…why waste all that time and money by not earning their trust when they get there.  This is why using a knowledgable Internet marketing company can help you properly position your site for rankings as well as conversions.

Let’s assume your site is B2B related and your campany is interested in not only driving more targetd traffic but also converting that traffic into potential customers.  We have talked before about conversion optimization and the science behind it, but let’s focus first on making the visitor feel comfortable.  (Please keep in mind that some of the suggestions listed here are not yet used on this site.  We are launching a new site that will include everything – so stay tuned!)

How do you earn the trust of that potential customer?

  • You want to first make them feel comfortable and engage them enough to dig deeper.  Your home page or landing pages should be interesting and offer specific information on your products or services.  Having a professional and clean look to your site will let the visitor know that you might be a reputable company and encourage them to keep looking.
  • Use testimonials from former or current clients that have used some or all of your services.  You don’t want to use testimonials that are too long so have the customer just highlight the reason they chose your company, what you did for them, and why they are so pleased.
  • It is usually best for conversions to keep things simple and focused.  Each visitor will go through a sales process while navigating your site.  You want to keep them engaged and let them know you are a trustworthy source.  Consumers are more savvy these days so be transparent in your “pitch”.  If they want to go elsewhere to find the real scoop, they can and will.  If they decide that they are not yet convinced during their time on your site, they might leave and never come back.
  • Any types of relevant associations or credible groups your company is involved with should be displayed on the site…possible in the footer.
  • Use video content and clean images of your people, products, and services.  If you have an event, consider taking video and posting the video on your site.  Consumers want to know who they are dealing with which is why photos of management teams are good too (again, I know we do not have this up yet but we will!).
  • Having a clearly accessible privacy policy and safety measures are especially good for e-commerce sites.
  • If your company is partnered with other recognizable firms, consider posting their logos and business descriptions on your site.  The same should be done for your clients, especially if you have some big brand names under your belt.

We did not really get into actual conversions this time but it has been discussed before.  Earning the trust of the visitor is really one of the main underlying factors in generating conversions through your website.  Your company’s website should act as a sales and marketing tool all by itself…so set it up accordingly!

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