E-Commerce Usability

People ask us how to make a great looking and functioning website pretty much every day of the year.  One of the most important things people don’t think about is usability. How important usability is for the internet marketing industry as a whole.  No matter how “attractive” and cool your website is if it is not built for the users it is useless!  You need to make your website easy for the visitors so that they know how to purchase from your website. Make it fast and easy for the user!

On most websites this is pretty self explanatory. E-commerce websites have many different guidelines and studies to help them but there are several e-commerce websites that are not taking advantage of all of this information. Here are a couple of usability DO’s to keep in mind when you are creating your website design.

Remind the shopper where they are: Be sure to use breadcrumbs so the user can easily navigate your website easily. Also make sure to highlight headers and sub headers so the user knows where they are on your website.

Many companies do not offer phone numbers on websites and stick to just using the contact us form. Either way you want the user to be able to contact you. This makes your website more trustworthy and people will hesitate less before a purchase.

Give them what they want: give the user several ways to search your website, main navigation, left hand navigation, footer, and Always make sure to have a Search field on the website above the fold.

Add a section to your website where you can have “featured Products” “Best sellers” or even better  a section that tells the consumer “ You may also like” this allows you to show the client other products your company offers and that the client might like!

Another great addition that we have found works well is letting the user add items to the shopping cart even if they are not logged into their account. You want the user to go through the purchase smoothly and uninterrupted allowing this as a possibility will help you with those shoppers that are reluctant to sign up for accounts.  Along with this is having the option to checkout as a guest and not have to create an account to purchase  from the website.

These are just a few of the tactics that we have found work best for ecommerce website design. Be sure to keep them in mind while building your website. First and foremost make sure you are building your website for the users!!

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