DWT – Driving While Tweeting

Well, it finally happened.  I earned a traffic violation this morning because I was driving while talking on my phone.  As many of you may know, in California it is no longer legal to drive while talking on your cell phone.  Hands free devices are fine but you certainly can not hold the phone to your ear like I was doing when I was pulled over this morning!  I was on my way in to the office around 7 am and natually was pulled over just a couple blocks from home.  Now I know better!

What is interesting is that no law has been passed yet about text messaging, using your iPhone to update your Facebook status, or Tweeting while driving.  I am sure the authorities of the fine state of California have this in the works because this is seemingly more dangerous that talking on the phone.

It is amazing what one can control from the palm of their hand…hopefully not while driving.  We can check email, surf the web, download and read/edit documents, instant message, and even chat on social media platforms.  Twitter is one of these social media platforms that has become increasingly popular over the past year.  This is something that can easily be done from the palm of your hand as it is a micro blogging site that limits characters for each post to just 140.

When first introduced to Twitter, it may seem a bit silly as many of the postings and categories are just random comments and thoughts by people you have never heard of.  Who cares, right?!

However, with the rapid/explosive growth of Web 2.0 systems, social media marketing, and sites based on user generated content, a system like Twitter can be transformed into a “social utility” with endless possibilities.  For the purposes of Internet marketing it can be quite powerful to help create a following and build a community.  Once a community and trusted following is created, marketing angles can be utilized as long as it adds value to the community.

Of course, a social platform like Twitter is only as powerful as the following you can create so it must be natural and valuable to your contacts if you plan to use it as a marketing tool.  As far as social media optimization and marketing go, the more traffic and followers a community has, the more possiblities there are.

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