Google+ Gaining Popularity with Facebook Users

With over 100 million users, Google+ has established itself within the social media world for good. Although it still can’t compare to Facebook’s 800 million users, many people have jumped ship and resorted to Google+’s simpler, less crowded design. Google boosts that its social site is more like real life relationships in how you connect with others and organize them into groups without annoying friend requests and acceptances. Google+ allows you to have total control over every aspect of the content you have on your profile. Its seamless integration with every Google service out there, along with a beautiful photo gallery, gives the user an “all inclusive” experience with everything they need in one area.

Finding what topics are hot and interesting to you is easy and privacy controls are much easier to master than Facebook’s ever-changing privacy policies. Probably one of the most important aspects Google+ has over Facebook in the race for social media dominance is its mobile app, which claims to be better designed and faster-loading. If you haven’t created a  page yet, here are the Google+ page set up instructions.

With this new social media site making headway, it provides businesses and internet marketing companies with yet another avenue for putting their content and products out onto the web for users to engage with. It also allows them to advertise themselves in a different manner with Google+’s open and less crowded format, allowing for new creative ideas to come. Looking for some ideas? Take a look at our Google+ page posts add us to your circles!

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