Does Google Love Diversity, or Is Google Taking Over The Virtual World?

Google never stops expanding the web territory! Google has been shopping patents and businesses to enhance their social media and mobile applications. Your internet marketing experience will change greatly with their new quality services.

 google-invite-mediaAccording to the article, “Google Is Diversifying”, Google announced that they purchased several patents to improve search speed, Android or mobile applications, router, and software programming last Friday.

All of this actually came after July 1st news when Google has lost the bid for over 6,000 Nortel patents to a consortium of investors. Those investors included Apple and Microsoft. Google didn’t expect that the consortium would intrude with $4.5 billion in cash when Google bade $900 million.

Just so you know, Google is not just buying patents. Google has bought at least 15 additional businesses so far this year. It seems like Google is investing heavily on social networking, mobile and localized search. Believe it or not, Google has already spent nearly $40 billion in cash.

These are the lists of patents and businesses Google has purchased this year. Most of the patents and business assist Google’s social networking services. With Google’s new technology, we can expect the further growth in Google+ as well as web services. If your business relies heavily on media commercialization, you probably want to watch out for Google’s further expansion.

Social Networking

The DealMap– Google just got The DealMap last week. The DealMap is a technology company that offers precise locations, coupons and great discounts on local basses.  These are already programmed in social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. They can also easily viewed on cellphone as well. Google Maps has integrated with the great features of The DealMap. Google Offers and Google Wallet mobile application offer more precise locations with discounts and coupons. With this upgrade, Google can expand their field into Groupons, Living Social and other coupon services sites.

Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition (PittPatt)– Google recently bought a new facial recognition system. Pittpatt is most likely to be integrated into Google+, and it will be easy for users to upload and tag pictures.

Fridge– Fridge is an application that Google just added. Fridge allows users to create a group to share with friends and family and coordinate events, parties, receptions and many more!

PostRank –Google bought this system a while ago, back in June 11th.  PostRank is a date service that measures “social engagement” through a proprietary ranking algorithm. This service is specifically for bloggers and online publishers. With services, bloggers and online publishers are able to track how the audiences share their content. This is a great software program to find likable audiences and expand your market.

fflick- Although Google has not yet announced how they will implement fflick into their service, Google will come with something awesome for sure. fflick is a social networking service that provides movie recommendations based upon users’ Twitter feeds.

Green Parrot Pictures – Green Parrot Pictures specializes in the manipulation of films and videos. Their application is used worldwide in many other film industries. Google bought Green Parrot Pictures earlier this year to improve the online video experience.

 Next New Networks Next New Networks provides original entertainment programing online. Next New Networks gets the most views and already has 10 webby’s. This program is most likely to be implemented with YouTube.

Mobile Applications

 Punchd – Google purchased Punchd back in July. Punch is a smartphone-based llyalty card business and the geo-targeted deals to support Google Wallet.

TalkBin- Google bought this cool application in April, which allows your customers to send feedbacks, suggestions, and questions in real time and respond them right away.

SayNow– Saynow is an innovative mobile service that connect you with your favorite celebrities though voice messages or text messages. Google also purchased this patent last January.

PushLife- PushLife provides mobile wallpapers, music, videos, ring tones and other accessories on your mobile phone. Google also bought this patent though they have not announced how they implement their service yet.


Sparkbuy- Sparkguy provides easy access and search to find electronic items. Google bought this service earlier this year to improve Google Product Search. Google bought this patent for $61.5 million, hoping to expand Google Shopping search for personal finance industry – loans, insurance, legal services, utilities and other financial products.

AdMeld- Admeld provides real-time bidding and ad optimization platform. Google bought this patent in June as it helps publishers to negotiate the best prices from a variety of advertisement networks.

eBook Technologies – Google acquired eBook Technologies earlier this year to enhance hardware and software distribution of e-books.

SageTV-  With this service, Google users have options to create and control your media from multiple devices.

Zynamics– Google bought this security application that looks for mal-ware re-engineered code last March.

It will be exciting to see how the acquisition of all these services will be integrated with Google’s current offering.  I am all for it if it makes my web experience better!


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