Does Google Hate Your Site?

Many business owners out there trying to achieve rankings in Google are having a hard time. Without property SEO meausers taken, sites these days will not rank well. The old days of throwing up a site and waiting for the traffic to come are over. Internet marketing is a highly competitive and popular marketing tactic in almost all industries. Though online marketing is nothing new, we are still at the beginning of where this industry is headed.

So why does Google hate your site and will search engine optimization help? Google is much more transparent these days with what they consider “best practices”. Without following the basic strategies of proper site structure, unique content, keyword usage, internal linking, inbound links, etc. websites will not acheive first page rankings for competitive keywords. Google algorithms are constantly changing and will be even more advanced in 2009 with the implementation of universal search and personal search features.

This first step in implementing a proper SEO campaign for any site should be a detailed analysis, website audit, and discovery session. Without understanding what kind of foundation there is to build from, a proper campaign can not be launched. Sometimes during this process the SEO consultant or Internet marketing company will discover that the current site can not be helped (especially if the keywords targeted are highly competitive) and a full re-development is needed before proper SEO can begin. You can’t put good money into bad. This can be a tough pill to swallow for business owners, but can be essential for long term growth and optimization.

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