Do You Have a Powerful Call to Action?

Does your website perform they way it is supposed to?  Do your visitors see the content you want them to and take action?  Web design and conversion optimization is all about maximizing your website’s potential to convert traffic into some kind of attainable and measurable goal.  Whether the goal is to collect emails, registrations, downloads, or purchases all the same rules apply.

Make your message clear

Make it simple

Make it easy

Here are a few suggestions to enure your visitors take action and become customers!

Use simple but compelling language to communicate your message and its value.  Then compliment that message with a large and noticeable “call to action” so the user understands what the next step is.  The image below shows a good example of this:



The use of space, color, and page layout are very important.  Below is a great example of a good blend of color and space.  The more space you have around the call to action “buttons” the better.  Studies show that the more cluttered a page is the more likely the user is to get confused and not understand what you want them to do.


Notice how clean the page is and that a couple options are given.  The use of space is done purposefully to provide clarity and simplicity.

Other suggestions to improve conversions on websites and landing pages include:

  • Trust factors – let the user know it is safe to enter their information or download your product
  • Simple bullet pointed content – don’t make the user read to long paragraphs, keep them moving
  • Compelling design and images – the pages of course should look clean and compelling to keep bounce rates low
  • Large buttons – size does matter
  • 3 to 5 step process – using a simple “step” process helps clarify what the user needs to do to complete your “sales cycle”

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