Dan Romeo Named CFO of the Year Finalist by San Diego Business Journal

Dan_Romeo_FinalistDan came to Internet Marketing Inc. (IMI) in September 2014 and was quickly immersed into the IMI culture, process and procedures, and accounting intricacies. His can-do attitude, persistence, and relationship building helped him uncover $2 million in lost profitability due to inefficiencies within the Finance and Accounting department. Since joining IMI, Dan has transformed the Finance and Accounting department into a world class team.

Dan was a great candidate for San Diego Business Journal’s CFO of the Year Awards. He attended the event on March 30, 2015 and received the honor of being named a finalist. We will continue to nominate Dan for CFO of the Year because IMI continues to be more efficient and profitable because of better financial analysis and proper budgeting. We appreciate his leadership and dedication.

At IMI, Dan interacts with his staff and other employees on a daily basis. He walks around and engages with everyone and truly cares about their happiness and wellbeing. Dan believes in work life balance and doesn’t over work his staff. His team has monthly department lunch meetings or happy hours. When he meets with his staff, he expresses his gratitude for all their hard work and lets them know he appreciates what they do to contribute to the company’s financial success. He always encourages feedback to help improve processes in the department and the company.

Dan is not only a great guy in the office, but he also donates 1K per year to various charities close to his heart. Most recently he supported the Wounded Warrior Project my raising money and running in a Half Ironman in March 2014. Last year he raised almost 3K for his brother who suffers from epilepsy by running the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon for the National Epilepsy Research Center. Dan is going to do the same charity donations in 2015 with a goal of doubling the money raised.

Our CFO leads by example and believes in these three E’s: Engaging (open door policy), Enlightening (open people’s eyes to new possibilities) and Enchanting (end result of the first two). He truly cares about his work and helping IMI become a great Marketing Agency. Dan stresses that every team member needs to have accountability. He empowers Directors to maintain their own budgets, make executive decisions, and truly take responsibility for their department; in turn giving them the power to make a difference.

Dan Romeo is CFO of the Year in our minds and we look forward to nominating him again next year!


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