Daily Deal Site Alternative for Your Business

Daily deals are a great way to promote your business and get customers flowing through the doors. While that may not seem like a problem at all, losing profit from the discount deals you offer is quite the issue. Groupon and Living Social are both companies that businesses have used to promote their deals via Internet marketing, but savvy deal hunting customers are getting the best of these services. When promoting these daily deals, businesses are finding more and more customers coming in just for the deals and not for regular business.



The whole idea of offering coupons or deals is to increase the number of customers coming into a business. While you can’t expect that when you offer a deal that every one of those people will become a loyal customer, one way you can build a loyal consumer base is with checkin apps such as Foursquare. In addition to being able to track your loyal customers, you can monitor customers likely to return. A little research of your associated demographics can really help you reel in and maintain a loyal set of customer.


Deal hunters really never fall into anyone’s demographic for business. One app that can help you avoid this is AppSumo which primarily deals in software and informational products. By using an app like this you can showcase more expensive lines of products to avoid losing profit on deal hunters.

Not every business has the products to offer these kinds of options, but can create deals of their own that will target customers coming back. Initial service coupons for a consulting service is one example of this. Another example for a retail store could be to offer a special gift certificate for your business.

Your business could offer numerous types of deals to generate more customers, but focusing on loyalty and targeting your demographics can help to ensure profits out of them.

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