[Inc.com Video] Why Culture Fit Is Critical To A Company’s Mission Success

Former Navy SEAL and co-founder of Internet Marketing Inc., Brent Gleeson explains that the culture in the SEAL teams is one of the most well defined cultures in the world with the most refined selection processes out there. In their line of work, lives are on the line and freedom is in the balance; a Navy SEAL truly understands what it means to be a team player.

Brent recognizes that selecting the right people and building the right culture is crucial to mission success. Although the culture of a business is not the same as the culture of the SEAL Teams, there are many values Brent and his business partner, CEO Brandon Fishman, brought to the business that he learned as a team member of the most elite and highly trained special operations force.

Navy SEALs follow an unspoken creed or code of conduct. They embody such principals and core values as – take responsibility for your actions and the actions of your teammates, leave no man behind, lead by example, training is never complete and failure is not an option. It’s no wonder Brent is part of one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in the country, he has the ability to control his emotions and actions, regardless of circumstance and understands what motivates people to push themselves. He creates a plan and has a team of individuals that will use their expertise to creatively and methodically work to achieve their goals for the success of a client or project.

An Ordinary Man Can Become An Extraordinary Example

Great leaders recognize that their actions affect the performance of their employees and all company outcomes. The core values learned in the military are centered on honor, self-discipline, teamwork, and team orientation. These are behaviors and ideals that should be reinforced in any company. Having leaders that embody these characteristics will allow them to become great mentors and have full support from their team members.

How To Build A Successful Team

Clearly defining the mission, vision and values are the stepping stones to building a successful team. Look outside the products and services your company offers and determine what the vision is. Hiring the right talent and aligning yourself with the clients that share the same core values is key. Implement procedures, activities and training that support the mission, vision and culture. From the hiring process to company meetings, the core values need to be continually talked about and reinforced. Constant communication, defining expectations, providing learning and growing opportunities and recognizing your employees when they go above and beyond are important elements in creating and retaining top level talent.

Brent knows the importance of making sure everyone is engaged in mission success. If employees understand their role and responsibilities and how it contributes to the success of the organization, they are more excited to come to work and want to do a great job. In the video, Brent talks about what it takes to build a successful team and why culture fit is critical to mission success.

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