Creating Viral Online Videos

The fact remains that our population consists of 60% visual learners and 35% auditory learners (the other 5% are kinesthetic learners).  It is no wonder online videos are the ideal environment for people to learn about your brand, products, services and company.  With many online videos to compete with you’ll need to make yours the one to Twitter, Digg, bookmark and buzz about.  To make your online videos ‘viral’ is to create it so that it is indeed remarkable and worth remarking about!  Here are a few tips to creating remarkable and viral online videos:

  • Don’t forget to consider production quality: lighting, sound, location, editing, etc.
  • 15-30 seconds is ideal.  If creating a longer video, break into 10-15 second shots.
  • Make your videos relevant and informative to your business.
  • Have an engaging and shocking (if possible) story line.
  • Connect with your audience by capturing a human element that people can relate to.
  • Add some humor where appropriate- everyone loves a laugh.  This is what makes comedic videos so viral.
  • Be clever in delivering your message.  If it appears like an ad, viewers will not share it unless it’s truly worth sharing.
  • If possible, add a celebrity presence as it would attract more viewers.
  • Don’t forget to add call to actions i.e. frame with your company name and website URL at the end of the video.

With the above in mind, it will make your Social Media Optimization (SMO) campaign more effective and possibly profitable for your company.  The Return of Investment (ROI) for online video marketing is astounding.  You can reach a global audience quickly with little investment as compared to traditional marketing.  The catch is that your online videos need to be share worthy backed with a SMO strategy!

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