Create Your Own PR Campaign with the Internet

Back in the day PR firms were seen as a limiting resource. You send them a press release in the mail or by fax and hope that it gets an article in a newspaper or magazine. The majority of the time it doesn’t make it. Getting content out was difficult and even if it was published it was completely censored and stripped of the most important content.

In this day and age with the rapid growth of internet marketing and Social Media Optimization PR happens at a rapid pace. No more lag time with waiting for a PR firm to publish your content. Post your own blog. Link back to your blog on your Twitter and Facebook. Create relationships with other bloggers and social networkers harness the power of their networks to get your content out to even more people and participate in forums.

Many traditional PR firms have started realizing the rapid rise in internet marketing campaigns that some have started to embrace the new technology. The ones who haven’t are still behind which is important to keep in mind. Rather than hiring a traditional PR firm you may want to consider hiring an Internet Marketing company to create a Social Media Optimization campaign.

There are so many ways to create your own PR campaign that it would be silly to not utilize all the tools on the internet!

-Melodie Tao

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