How to Create a Holiday Marketing Campaign

holiday marketingFor the average Joe, the holidays is a time for relaxation, stepping away and spending time with loved ones. But for the average marketer, it’s a whirlwind of planning, strategizing and coming up with great ideas to maintain consumers’ attention. With the holiday season in full gear, it’s crucial for brands to have their holiday marketing plan set in stone and ready to go. If you haven’t created a plan yet, don’t stress! Here are some tips on getting started on your holiday campaign.

What Is the Objective?

First, determine what the campaign’s objectives and goals will be. For example, the objective may be as simple as increasing brand awareness. Your goals could be driving traffic to your holiday content, increasing your Share of Voice (SOV) on social and increasing positive sentiments on social.

Next, create a plan. Who’s your target audience? What’s the timeline going to look like? How much will you spend? Keeping track of these elements in a creative brief will help you stay on track and guide you throughout the campaign in making sure the message and tone remain consistent.

The most important part of crafting marketing messages during the holidays is to forget about the hard sell. The main focus should be getting personal with consumers to show the human side of your brand.

Of course, it’s still okay to use soft-sell approaches to get conversions, but your audience probably doesn’t want to be bombarded with advertisements during the holidays. Focusing on strengthening customer loyalty will help drive those sales once the holiday season has come to an end.

Which Channels Will Work Best?

Next, determine which channels to focus on. If you choose to do an email marketing campaign, you don’t want your consumer to think “junk mail” when they see it. Or maybe you want to optimize your social media for the holiday season. If so, you need to prepare engaging and shareable content or come with a giveaway for Twitter or Instagram. For social media, remember that you must be able to track your efforts. You can do this by creating a specific hashtag for your campaign or use UTM tracking.

In terms of content, social listening is a great way to get ideas. Search for relevant holiday hashtags to see what are people talking about and are sharing. Even better is finding content being shared by social influencers. Working with influencers for the holiday season will give your brand credibility in the eyes of your consumers. Here’s a list of other great content for your calendar:

  • User generated content- let your audience speak for your brand!
  • Gift guides – work with influencers to create holiday gift ideas
  • Wish lists – what would your audience want?
  • New and creative ways to use your products/services- think outside the box!
  • Seasons greetings from your staff- show them the faces behind the brand. This creates a stronger relationship with your audience.

Make It Enjoyable

Even among all the chaos that goes into planning a holiday campaign, it’s important to get into the holiday spirit! Update your website and social media to reflect the holiday season and share behind-the-scenes content of how your brand is getting into the spirit. Your consumers and clients will appreciate you keeping it fun and relatable.

Happy holidays to you all!



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