How To Craft the Perfect Influencer Marketing Pitch

craft perfect influencer marketing pitchYou need influencers to maximize your business. Here’s how to create the perfect pitch to attract the right ones.

According to a survey by Nielsen, 92% of consumers around the world indicate they inherently trust earned media, or recommendations from friends and family and word-of-mouth advertising, more than all other types of advertising.

DVRs have killed television ads, nobody reaches for the newspaper anymore, and more than 50% of consumers use some type of ad-blocking software on their computers or mobile devices these days. So, what now? How are you supposed to reach your target market and spotlight your goods or services when customers are telling you traditional advertising isn’t nearly as powerful as it used to be?

The answer is – influencer marketing.

Influencers are everywhere, but finding the right one for your business is the real key. Partner with the wrong one and you can negatively affect your brand and create a disconnect between your business and the consumer.

There is a lot that goes into creating a positive and productive working relationship with an influencer, and the first step is finding the right one. You’ll need to create a pitch to make them want to work with you – here’s how.

“81% of marketers who have used influencer marketing judged it to be effective.” — eMarketer

The Introduction

Assuming you’ve already compiled a list of potential influencers, the first step is to create an introduction. This will be your first touchpoint with the person who may singlehandedly boost your business. It is crucially important that you get this step right. Make sure you:

  1. Create an email to your potential influencer that has a straightforward and attention-grabbing subject line to pique interest. Avoid anything that sounds sales-y, as that can be an instant turn-off when influencers are browsing their email.
  1. Let the influencer know you’ve read their content and are familiar with their work. Then, tie in how your proposed business relationship is relevant to their audience. You may want to include a link to examples of their work in your email to demonstrate your interest in their opinions.
  1. Use email to send your pitch, but also interface with the influencer via their social media platforms (through direct messages), within influencer networks, or by sending a low-key gift directly to them.

The Purpose Statement

Influencers want to partner with businesses that genuinely mesh with their ideals. You’ll only want to work with an influencer who will represent you in the right way. Demonstrate that you can provide real value to influencers. Show how they can act as more of a strategic partner to you; instead of simply another marketing tool. Let them know their input and feedback will be considered when making product or service adjustments, and provide an option to work with them on a continual basis versus partnering up for a single campaign.


Be clear about compensation the influencer will receive from your business. Compensation can be either monetary or free products or services in exchange for posting a relevant review. If you decide to pay them to promote your brand via their social media profile or blog, the influencer must include a disclaimer on each post sponsored by your business.

Keep in mind there are several legal issues to be aware of when compensating influencers to promote your brand. Consider the following, if you reward influencers for their written or oral review:

  1. Disclaimers must be included on each sponsored post.
  1. Nofollow tags must be used on all links to your social media or website.
  1. Create an invoicing system to manage payments and avoid conflicts.
  1. Create a licensing agreement ahead of time if you plan on using or owning any of the influencer’s content.
  1. Learn and implement brand sponsored post rules as required by the main social media sites. Disclaimers and hashtags such as #ad or #sponsored may need to be used.

Call to Action

Wrap up your communication with a powerful and clear call-to-action. Your CTA should indicate what you’d like to see as the next step on behalf of the influencer. Do you want them to send you a rate card, collaboration agreement or outline, or simply respond with their level of interest? Provide a reason to engage with you and you’ll have created a purposeful CTA. All pitches must contain a call-to-action to increase the odds of a successful collaboration.

Influencer marketing is today’s most powerful tool to help businesses grow and develop. By creating the perfect pitch, you’ll improve your chances of finding the ideal candidate(s) to help boost your brand and more effectively connect with your target market.

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