Countering Negativity Online, HelloGiggles Creates a Positive Online Community for Women

As avid online readers, bloggers, and critics, we are well aware of all the negativity people choose to write and comment on a variety of websites and blogs. Even if an article or blog post is on the positive side, the comments can turn unconstructive and negative fast. This is why founders Zooey Deschanel, Molly McAleer, and Sophia Rossi decided to create HelloGiggles, a website with a big emphasis on constructive energy and optimistic content. It is a space where people are able to connect and interact in a fun and supportive setting. Internet marketing companies should take note as having a positive feel to your site while promoting optimistic feedback and comments is gaining popularity online. Deschanel helped accomplish this atmosphere by creating the site with colorful designs and cute animations.

HelloGiggle’s goal was to create a site with a “no gossip” policy, no cursing, and no alcohol advertisements.  Their content is delivered to make sure they generate positive influences, ideas, and things to think about and discuss online. Internet marketing emphasizes the importance of high quality content and a mature tone to gain interested and serious readers. McAleer is responsible for drawing in the contributors to the site and agrees with the significance of high quality articles to draw in an engaged audience.

There are around 150 contributors to the site including male bloggers such as producer and father Shane Nickerson, who is becoming very popular among readers. There are also young bloggers who write content about elementary and middle school. Parents are delighted with the positive feedback their kids are getting and continue to encourage this activity. Most of the sites readers are women ranging in ages from 13 to 35 who appreciate this new attitude of reading positive articles and commenting in respectful and intelligent ways.

Deschanel states, “I am proud to have helped create a place where women and girls can feel safe to be their creative selves”.  What do you think about this goal of implementing only positive content and comments online, will you join in on this effort?

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