Core Strength Experience: 3 Reasons Why Marketers Should Attend

Core Strength Experience (CSE) with Michael Bernoff is a 3-day event that teaches individuals to become leaders in their everyday lives through more effective communication. As a social media marketer, this is crucial for me as I communicate both online for my clients through various social channels and with my coworkers to exchange ideas. Below are three reasons why I highly recommend CSE to every marketer.

Persuasion and building rapport.

In order to appeal to your brand’s target audience, we have to understand them. Michael teaches effective tactics, which focuses on three of the most influential components involved in producing human experience: neurology, language and programming. He demonstrates how we can mirror our audience’s “digital body language” to gain their trust and open their minds to be more accepting of the messages that we, as brands, want them to be more receptive of.

Letting go of limiting beliefs.

Everyone has limiting beliefs. Whether it’s thinking that your campaign idea may not be innovative enough, or your social media content copy isn’t as creative as it used to be. Whatever the challenge, Michael shows how to break these negative thought patterns so that we no longer subconsciously abide by these limiting beliefs. As a result, inspiration and creativity breaks through and shines.

Improving communication.

Companies and teams are always searching for ways to communicate more effectively so that nothing slips through the cracks and the best work efficiency and productivity are achieved. Michael uses a full day to show us strategies on becoming the best communicators we can be, with more clarity and less misunderstanding.


The biggest takeaway I got from attending CSE with Michael Bernoff is everyone seems to be looking for new ways to improve in their respective roles, including sales, social marketing, promotions and more.

Unfailingly, we believe that attending as many conferences as possible will improve our grind. When perhaps, it’s simply the initiative of taking a couple of creative writing classes to sprout new ideas and make our social copy more dynamic, or joining a local Toastmasters to learn the tricks of being an impressive presenter.

We need to look within to recognize what small changes we can make that will help build our self-confidence and ourselves. This awareness and action will ultimately give us the tools and energy we need to put our best foot forward.

It’s the little changes which can make the experience for the client and their consumers that much better; it’s a simple concept that we cannot afford to keep missing.


What are your thoughts on Michael’s teaching methods?

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