Copyright Infringements Cracked Down by Google

Recording MicrophoneGoogle’s search ranking has added new filters that should affect your daily search. If you’re in any way affected by SEO or any kind of internet marketing, you will know how much Google rules the world wide web. If Google penguin and Google Panda updates weren’t enough to keep you busy, Google’s taking action on DMCA requests as well.

DMCA, Hollywood and Pirates

An odd grouping of words when first looked at, but DMCA, Hollywood and pirates have all come together in regards to Google’s newest update. DMCA, Digital Millennium Copyright Acts, are requests that can be made by users against sites that contain alleged “copyright infringement”. Now who would be a large target for copyright infringement? Thats right; Hollywood.

The entertainment industry has pushed criticism towards Google to stop the copyright infringement of their music, videos, shows, movies, etc.

The tough thing about filtering infringement is it can’t be recognized through a simple algorithmic formula. Copyright infringement has to come through review by either users or a more authoritative source. To officially be deemed containing copyright infringement, a court of law has to review such material. Google’s new update takes valid DMCA requests against a site to lower it’s Google rankings. This is aimed at taking down rankings of websites with pirated material and give some money back to Hollywood. 

But I’m Innocent

Google by all means is trying to do some good here by ridding its search results of infringed material on web pages that probably contain spammy ads and are potentially harmful to your computer. The one problem with this update, like many other things, is it can be abused by users looking to do harm for whatever reason. A valid DMCA request is simply a user filling out all the right paperwork and submitting it to Google without a counter-challenge.

Sometimes the innocent is “filed” as guilty. Google is trying to combat this in their update by offering “counter-notice” tools to help protect sites with proper copyrights. Just like Google Panda and Penguin updates, you might need to do some work to keep your site up their in the rankings.

What can I do?

This update can seem scary if your website has material that could be seen as borderline infringed material. So is Google going to make you vanish from the search engine because of some DMCA requests against you? No. While your website may suffer some rankings for a time, you will not completely disappear from the record. Again the counter-notice tools will help to protect your site, and you can file counter-challenges against requests.

While this might seem like a lot of work, Google says they will be making adjustments as the update goes on. If you receive less requests overtime, Google will bump you back up in the rankings. So stay calm, ride your site of any infringed or potentially infringed material, and stay vigilante about requests against your site.

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