Conversion Optimization and Persuasion Architecture


Conversion optimization is basically a methodology and series of specific practices designed to create more customers using your various marketing strategies.  Conversion optimization is not necessarily new, but it has definitely advanced in the world of Internet marketing.  Let me put that another way…advances in technology and Internet marketing have allowed conversion optimization to take on a whole new meaning.

Persuasion architecture in this context is essentially the science behind creating customer roadmaps and coordinating your marketing campaigns accordingly.  Before true conversion optimization can begin, a company must define its business and revenue goals so that it can specify what a “conversion” means to them.  A conversion can mean different things to different companies.  Often times one company could have many different “conversion” based goals depending on the marketing strategies and the sales cycle. 

The whole idea behind using true conversion optimization for Internet marketing is to allow all the pieces of the puzzle to come together to reach a common goal.  Or you could break it down it these simple terms:

  • Why have a website if it does not properly communicate your message?
  • How are you going to communicate that message unless you invest in building traffic to your site?
  • Once you have the traffic, how are you using persuasion architecture and conversion optimization to turn the traffic into customers?

Conversion optimization should not just be considered for search engine optimization, website development, or when operating a pay per click campaign.  This concept applies across all marketing efforts.  One of the major ways companies large and small fall short when coordinating their efforts, is that they do not all support and compliment one another.  All offline and online marketing efforts must be coordinated.  For example, a print ad promoting a specific offer must guide the customer to a landing page that supports that offer and gives more details and calls to action.  A PPC ad should not click through to a home page but rather an optimized landing page engineered specifically to the keywords, titles, and descriptions used in the campaign.  The page should have information specific to the target audience and a call to action that will foster conversions.

As long as all the strategies compliment one another and have conversion optimization at the root of everything, you will be more likely to hit your goals.  One of the best ways to do this is use an Internet marketing company that can implement all the strategies for you.  When everything is coordinated through one source you are less likely to waste time and money!

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