Conversion is All in the Structure

One can embark on the most aggressive Internet marketing campaign utilizing targeted Pay-Per-Click and organic SEO implementation. However, these efforts are futile if your website is not structured for conversions. Proper website site structure begins and ends with the customer being guided through the website to reach the final ending point, the conversion (sale, lead, etc).

Here I have listed a few key points to improve the conversion rate on your website:

Place text on the left – This sounds strange but as we read books from left to right, so we view web pages. By placing attention grabbing and informative content on the left the user will naturally follow the flow of the page and take in the information

Calls-to-Action – These are the “Buy Now”, “Sign-Up” or “Join Now” buttons that enable the user to immediately convert. However, these titles are less effective than they used to be. Users are attracted to unique or specific content. A better call-to-action would be “Add ***** to your shopping cart” or “Check Out.” These titles are newer selling catch phrases, compared to the older phrases that have come become less trusted. Theses phrases should be placed strategically throughout the site in bold coloring and font.

Internal linking – Placing links to internal pages within the content of the page allows the user to immediately access the subject that was mentioned. Instead of having to scroll back and forth through pages this saves the user time and frustration getting to where he wants. Internally linking the pages of your site provides another form of navigation and leads the user to reaching the final ending point quicker.

Add a sitemap – During Web 1.0 the site map was not important. Users did not scroll down as much and computer screens were smaller. Now, part of Web 2.0 the sitemap has becoming the favored place to find everything contained in the site. This is usually a last ditch effort for the user to find what he is looking for. Not including a sitemap can aggravate and turn away a user who gives up and leaves your site.

There are many more aspects to consider. One should consult and Internet marketing company to fully optimize the conversion rate of your website.

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