The Content Marketing 2018 Guide: Back to Basics Is Here

content marketing back to basicsWe are inundated with content marketing trends on a daily basis, but how often do we stop to ensure we’ve got the basics covered? Without a solid foundation, your marketing strategy stands on shaky ground.

In our newest digital content marketing guide, we explore the importance of content marketing to any campaign. According to 2018 Content Marketing Institute report, the average percentage of total marketing budget spent on content marketing is 26%; the most successful, however, spend 40%.

Where does your company fall on this spectrum? Do you consider your content marketing campaigns to be average or successful? How do you determine the differences?

In our newest guide, we’ll outline:

  • Content marketing value and how to measure it
  • Why content marketing is a key investment
  • Common challenges and benefits
  • Future of content marketing

It’s never a bad idea to revisit the basics and recommit to building a strong foundation for your marketing strategy. Download your free copy of the Content Marketing 2018 Guide: Back to Basics today.


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