Content and Readability

SEO consultants know the importance of optimizing written content on webpages. If you fill a page’s writing with relevance to the keywords, the site is more likely to show up on an organic user search. However, some writers will simply stuff keywords into their articles like someone stuffing a turkey for Thanksgiving. Oh by the way, Happy Pre-Thanksgiving! I cannot tell you how excited I am. Being a college student away from home and eating the most random garbage ever makes me miss my mom’s cooking.

Now stuffed turkeys are delicious and savory, but keyword-stuffed articles, not so much. Sometimes I’m reading an article, and I’m at a loss for words. I either don’t know what the writers are trying to convey or I’m just left confused. Subtlety and readability are key. You don’t want someone to click on your website, take one look at it, and promptly leave, or even worse, click your site and have to take several looks at it to understand what you’re trying to say. Engage your readers not only with the design of the site and its visual elements, but also the voice of the site. Let your words speak for you. Allow people who are browsing your site to get to know your company and want to be your clients or partners, or even interns like me! When reading your site, users should be thinking, “These people are focused, they care about innovation, they’re professional, they’re personal.”

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