Cloud-Based Services Cutting Your Electricity Bills?

That’s right. Our favorite search engine powerhouse, Google, shows us how local businesses can cut energy costs by switching to cloud-based services. Reducing our carbon footprint and overall environmental impact by using renewable energy has been a fixation in the last 10 years, which is why Google’s studies show an innovative insight into energy savings.

To put this concept in perspective, Google says that for one month, its server uses less energy per user than leaving a light on for 3 hours. This includes Google products like search, Google+, Gmail and YouTube. To take it one step further, Google also offsets this low energy use by using the most efficient methods of producing renewable energy. Solar panels, efficient servers and data centers and innovative new facilities like the most recent opening up in Hamina, Finland are all ways Google has reached zero carbon emissions. The Finland campus uses a seawater cooling system that requires very little electricity. Cloud-based services are much more energy efficient. Maybe it is time to switch over from your locally hosted service?

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