Chrome 13 Release Touches On Browser Loyalty, Search Impact

The release of Chrome 13 brings up a broader perspective that both Microsoft and Google are benefitting from brand loyalty that incorporates both browser and search. Chrome 13 focuses specifically on three new features: Instant Pages, Print Preview and the all new “smarter” Omnibar.

Instant Pages is an innovative new feature for Chrome because it preloads your search results when Google is reasonably confident that it knows exactly what you are searching for. This way, when you click on the link you are searching for, it has already loaded with no waiting time.

The print preview feature allows users to view each page they wish to print. Just click “Print” and the page automatically loads in a PDF and opens in the Chrome PDF viewer. This feature works for both Linux and Windows users.

Finally, the Omnibar now lets users access previously viewed sites more quickly. Google boasts that the Omnibar has simply become “smarter”.

One of the main reasons for Chrome’s success is attributed to users’ loyalty to Google search. A recent study proves that if you keep up to date with a browser and continually use it, you are more likely to use the search site of the company who created that browser. As Google expands, users will continue to stay loyal to Chrome because of its strong ties to such a powerful search engine.

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