How Chevrolet’s Dilemma Turned into a Social Media Win

The San Francisco Giants have won the World Series but the real winner may have been Chevrolet. What started as a corporate sponsor’s awkward award presentation has turned into remarkable brand exposure and viral content that continues to trend nationally.

Technology_and_Stuff_ImageChevrolet was the corporate sponsor of the World Series MVP presentation and chose regional manager, Rikk Wilde, to present pitcher Madison Bumgarner with the keys to a brand new Chevy Colorado. Wilde delivered a heartbreakingly awkward presentation in front of the MLB commissioner Bud Selig and hundreds of millions of viewers. He stumbled through the presentation of the new Colorado with long pauses, heavy breathing, and frequent “um’s”. The biggest faux pas occurred when Wilde mentioned the Colorado’s class-leading “technology and stuff”.

Twitter came alive with tweets about #ChevyGuy and #TechnologyAndStuff, while hundreds of memes flooded news feeds and timelines. While it trended across social media platforms, the Chevy team was working on a response.

Chevy’s course of action was to join the conversation and use the national attention to their advantage. Their tweet last night mentioning #TechnologyAndStuff has been retweeted and shared over 2,000 times, delivering tremendous reach for their new truck. They embraced the situation and have turned a generic award presentation into $2.4 million worth of brand exposure from the speech and viral content created after, according to Front Row Analytics.

Chevy_ColoradoChevy provides us with a great example of having a strategy in place to allow their team to react fluidly to negative publicity. They have done this brilliantly, turning a painfully awkward moment into a marketing WIN. I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Mr. Wilde or the Chevy Colorado’s #TechnologyAndStuff. We’re impressed…and stuff.

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