Can your site be trusted?

With the ongoing changes and evolution of the Internet, websites must continue to adapt to current market conditions in order to keep their current clients and generate new business.  Only a few years ago, you could pay a simple internet marketing company a small fee to create a relatively inexpensive html website and you would be able to generate plenty of business and perhaps even run a solid company.  You didn’t really need to consider if your site was configured correctly for search engine optimization.  It was more of a one-sided game where the website dictated what the viewer was to see and in no way was the site malleable to user generated feedback and/or interaction.  But that is obviously no longer the case.  With the influx of web 2.0 designs, users have more control and input than ever and their control is now growing.  We live in an on-demand world now and in order to retain customers and clients, you need to feed them what they are hungry for and they must trust you.  Because of our fickle brains, website developers are working harder than ever now to keep their sites up-to-date and keeping their users happy and interested.  If you are considering building a site, you should for sure contact an internet marketing company and/or do the research yourself on the latest and greatest trends in website design and development.  Once you have your site built, you must always be reading and learning more about website trends and the user feedback.  That is how you will be able to stay on top of the game – listen to your customers and users and feed them what they want.

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