Are Business Directories Beneficial For SEO?

Listing your company on high quality directories can enhance your online marketing efforts. Online business directories are an effective and inexpensive way to grow your website visibility and customer awareness. Directories give your company the ability to target specific demographics, leading to better quality traffic coming to your website. They are well organized and easy to read so customers find the information they need with ease and efficiency. Watch the video and learn more!

There are many benefits that come from listing your company information on prominent business directories, but the most valuable is the increase in the number of targeted leads generated. Someone that searches a directory, is a visitor that is ready to buy.

Promoting your company in business directories is a great way to increase links back to your website and gain credibility. Many directories have substantial budgets to help drive traffic to their listings, which brings in more potential customers for you. Directories do very well in organic search rankings for specific search terms pertaining to their listing topic.

There are several online directories out there and it is important to only use high quality directories to promote your business. In the video, Benj Arriola, Vice President of SEO gives some examples and insight into business directories.

2 Responses to “Are Business Directories Beneficial For SEO?”

  1. George

    What directories you recommend?

  2. Benj Arriola

    The best web directories for SEO purposes are not even more than 10. We would only use the Open Directory Project also known as ODP or DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, Best of the Web or BOTW. Joeant, and

    You can also look into niche specific directories, depending on your industry. Just make sure they are not spammy in nature, not over flooded with ads, has some type of moderation that maintains the quality and listings are reliable.

    Other local directories are also beneficial as citation sources for local search which is a whole separate topic in itself. Examples of these would be Yelp, Citysearch, etc.


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