Building a Popular Site with Quality Content

In an online world that is constantly changing with new Panda and Google Algorithms, content has never been more important than it is now. For internet marketing companies, quality content is now the difference between having a successful page and having that page de-indexed. Having good content on your site has many benefits to it when it comes to link building and distinguishing yourself among a highly competitive industry. But how exactly does one come up with this “quality” content? An infographic from explains exactly how to go about this process.

The first step they suggest is researching the current trends and news in a given industry and making sure the information you gather is relevant, accurate, and compelling so that people are drawn to it, whether that be on a blog or on a social media site. Although this is very time consuming and probably the most boring step, it is the most important in terms of setting a foundation for your content that will attract viewers, which is the ultimate goal of any content.

Next, is coming up with ideas as to how you will present this new information you researched, and figuring out how you can make it a unique piece that will add something to the industry. Choosing an “angle of attack” is key when deciding how to present the information, whether it be in an informative or satirical manner. Choosing a relevant and popular topic makes it easier to come up with good ideas that will gain traction among viewers online.

Third, is placement of your content. Placement is important for knowing your audience and the kind of content style that you can create. It is suggested that you try to find a spot for your creation beforehand so you know exactly the specifications you can go by, but just having an idea will work as well. By contacting major players in an industry and asking them what they would like to see in your creation is a very good link building strategy, and you will know what you are doing is relevant.

Fourth, in the six step process is creation. Two of the more popular approaches to content creation are blog posts and infographics. They have a few suggestions for creating infographics such as style, titles, etc. The main point is to try and create an infographic that is concise and interesting for the reader. One emphasized point is that there are no rules when it comes to infographics, despite popular belief, readers will forgive you if text is in it. For blog posts, the “rules” are much the same, except that instead of graphics you only have words to keep readers interested. Engage people early in the post and make sure to have quality content that goes deep into a subject rather than skimming the top. Equally important is making sure to not have any grammatical errors so you sound professional.

Finally, fifth and sixth are publishing and promoting your content to the highest, most authoritative sight you can reach.  After publishing, it is important to repost, re-blog, and send as much traffic to your content as possible. Not only is this good for you, but also for the sight you are posted on, which means they are more likely to publish your content in the future. Answering to comments and keeping people engaged is essential in gaining popularity for your content.

To be a top marketing firm or authoritative site, bringing people to your website is essential. The best and most efficient way to do this is through the creation of quality content to draw readers and to keep them there.


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