Brent Gleeson, IMI Co-Founder and CMO Takes Asia By Storm

We’re so proud of our co-founder and CMO, Brent Gleeson, who just returned from Hong Kong where he delivered four keynotes and one SEAL-style boot camp for Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Asia Pacific leadership.

He spoke on good communication, teamwork, solid preparation, effective decision making, intrepreneurship (being entrepreneurial within your company), and pursuing stretch goals. These are all core values of IMI. Of course, he talked about our amazing digital marketing services, too.

Below are some  rave reviews that Brent received from the attendees:

“I felt highly inspired by your work and tips. Thank you. You are a true leader.” We agree! Brent, our CEO Brandon Fishman, and all our leaders inspire us daily.

“Thanks so much for your inspirational sharing. I learned a lot from you.” We’re glad to share our leaders’ inspiration and knowledge with the world!

“I’ve had so much great feedback from our senior leaders on your presentations. Your discussion really resonated with the group. The morning wellness session (nice euphemism, right!) was a great opportunity for us to come together outside of the office and work together in a different way.” We understand about the “wellness session.” Brent runs a regular boot camp for our office. It is a very challenging routine, but worthwhile to workout with a NAVY SEAL.  Brent encourages team building and pushing yourself to the limits.

To book Brent to speak to your team, or run a corporate team building “SEAL” like bootcamp, contact our communications guru, Donna Schwartze, at or 913-499-7814.

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