[Brand Diego Awards] Kellen McAvoy Wins Agency Professional of the Year

Kellen McAvoy was honored with the Agency Professional of the Year at the Brand Diego Awards sponsored by SDX for her outstanding achievements and dedication in serving her clients. The full submission is below and showcases her accomplishments and outlines her client case studies. 

Photo taken by Brogen Jessup Photography. Visit her website at http://brogenjessup.com/. @brogenjessup

As social media reach and engagement continue to decrease due to Facebook’s ever changing algorithm and the increase in niche social networks, it is becoming more important than ever to have a Social Media Strategist who can adapt to these changes and execute campaigns accordingly.

Kellen McAvoy’s primary strategies employed to achieve gains in brand awareness and market share for her clients were through Social Advertising, Content Marketing, and Blogger Outreach.

Social Advertising:

This past year Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram adopted more sophisticated advertising platforms to better reach and communicate with one’s target audience. Kellen’s strong understanding and up-to-date knowledge of social advertising capabilities have enabled her clients to gain brand exposure at an effective cost.

  • Website Conversions: To increase brand awareness and drive registrations for the Mustache Dache race series, held annually in November to support men’s health, Kellen executed a paid Facebook campaign. Her strategy consisted of campaigns for each of the 15 race locations and a combination of ad target groups with various interests, retargeting capabilities, custom audiences, etc. In just 4 weeks, Kellen was able to get the average cost per conversion down to $4.16 and the campaign resulted in 376 conversions. The ROAS was over 777%.
  • Mobile App Installs: magicJack is a globally recognized brand in the process of shifting social strategies. When their new app was released, Kellen executed a global Facebook app install campaign targeting millennials across 10-15 different countries on both iOS and Android devices. While the campaign is ongoing, she was able to achieve nearly 31K installs at an average cost per install of $1.14 over 4 months.

Content Marketing:

Photo taken by Brogen Jessup Photography. Visit her website at http://brogenjessup.com/. @brogenjessup

Kellen understands that social media is more than just creating posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Periscope. To truly engage with fans, you have to create great, shareable content and effectively promote it. Kellen was the lead on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Quiz “Which Running Destination Fits Your Personality”.  The quiz took the user through a visual journey, choosing the persona that fit them best and then calculated their answers, suggesting the destination and corresponding race that best fit their personality. The strategy for the campaign was to create the questions, answers, and outputs that would encourage brand affinity by utilizing brand messaging and target personas. Her primary goal was to target individuals that were making race calendars, had participated in past races, and who showed an interest in running. Tactics used to promote the quiz included:

  • Social Media Advertising
  • Ambassador Outreach
  • Proactive Listening & Engaging on Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Twitter Chat

Blogger Outreach:

While Kellen is not new to blogger outreach, she did activate a unique campaign for one of her military-related clients. Unlike most blogger outreach initiatives, she was not asking influencers to review a product, mention the brand on social media, or sponsor a giveaway. Since the brand lacked the ability to create their own original content, she reached out to bloggers who wrote or shared similar topics to see if they would be interested in sponsoring a post that the brand could later include in their social media content calendar. Kellen outlined a list of blog topics ranging from DIY activities to deployment tips that the military community would find useful and reached out to the appropriate blogger/influencer.  Thus far, the campaign has resulted in:

  • Published: 11 Blog Posts
  • Impressions: 154K
  • Engagements: 588

One of the DIY blogs even had over 144 repins and that number grows by the day! In addition to the ongoing engagements, the brand is also gaining brand awareness from the bloggers since each post has a link back to their website and new leads. Kellen discusses this strategy in more detail through her contribution to GroupHigh’s Outreach Marketer blog: Working with Bloggers to Create Socially Shareable Content.

Internet Marketing Inc.’s core values are: Teamwork, Voice, Excellence, Attention to Detail, Growth and Balance. Kellen is a model employee in each value, on a day-to-day basis.

Teamwork: In a social media team of 7 employees, Kellen is consistently answering questions and serving as a resource for her peers. She patiently provides guidance and advice to help others with their social media or client questions. Her team-spirit does not extend only to her department; she’s often cross-collaborating with other services to make sure that the client’s goals are being accomplished holistically.

Voice: Kellen is not brazen in her communication style, but rather employs a tactful and pleasant approach. Because of this, many colleagues find her enjoyable to work with and appreciate her calm demeanor. This is not to say that she is reserved in her ability to voice questions and concerns; she speaks up as needed in an appropriate, professional manner.

Excellence: When assigning a client or campaign to Kellen, you can rest assured knowing that it will be done right, on time, and with maximum effort. Kellen only provides high-quality work.

Attention to Detail: Several IMI employees have noted that with Kellen, “nothing slips through the cracks”. She is constantly aware of all moving pieces of a campaign and all the small details. This ability allows her to launch campaigns without a hitch.

Growth: In the past 2+ years Kellen has been at IMI, she has grown from a part-time intern into one of our top Social Media Strategists. She has expanded her knowledge and skill-set rapidly, as she is devoted to continual growth and improvement. She sets the example that there is always more to learn and achieve.

Balance: Outside of work Kellen spends time blogging, training for a marathon, and exploring foodie-joints in San Diego with friends. She finds time to enjoy life, which is equally as important as leading a successful career (if not more important) and lives her life with balance.

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