[Brand Diego Awards] Brent Gleeson Honored with Leadership Award

Internet Marketing Inc. (IMI) attended the SDX Brand Diego Awards event on Thursday October 23, 2014 at the beautiful Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier in San Diego, CA.  It was an opportunity to celebrate the advertising community, nominees, and award winners.

Brent with AwardBrent Gleeson, co-founder and CMO at IMI was honored at the event, winning the Leadership Award. As a decorated Navy SEAL combat veteran, Brent has a unique perspective on leadership from lessons learned on the battlefield, which he has applied to leading the IMI team with business partner Brandon Fishman. He has passion for a sound servant leadership philosophy and his ability to serve his team as much as he guides them is a key area of focus.

Excellence is one of IMI’s core values and Brent’s definition of excellence, which is written on the walls of our office and part of our culture statement is: “We believe in a diligent and consistent pursuit of perfection. That is how we define excellence. The IMI team always strives to give 100% the first time, every time. That is our bare minimum.”

As the owners of IMI, Brent and Brandon are responsible for communicating the mission and vision of the organization to the team. Brent understands the importance of having clear and consistent communication of the vision, and making sure each team members’ role plays a part in mission success. He also understands that a rapidly growing company in a dynamic industry requires adaption. And adaptation requires solid communication.

Brent is also one of IMI’s core thought leaders. He writes weekly columns for Forbes and Inc and speaks at conferences all over the world on topics ranging from leadership and entrepreneurship to digital marketing. His leadership qualities have been recognized by global organizations like Bank of America and major sports teams. These organizations have had Brent teach teamwork and leadership as both a keynote speaker as well as in breakout sessions with their leaders throughout their organizations. He has taught leadership at SDSU as well as for many local organizations.

Brent understands that as a leader it is his responsibility to protect the organization’s culture and values above anything else. The team is about the people and the team deserves to be made up of like-minded individuals that share the values and vision of the organization. Last year, Brent led an initiative to revamp our company’s recruiting and hiring process. He modeled our new process after that of the SEAL Team 6’s selection program in order to continue to develop an elite team at IMI. The selection process now includes personality tests, assessments for technical proficiency in multiple skill sets, multiple interviews, and a final selection committee board review to ensure that the candidate is a culture fit.

Brent’s progressive and consistent leadership abilities have played a key role in the growth of IMI which has been recognized by both the San Diego Business Journal and Inc. Magazine as one of the country’s fastest growing private companies for the last three years in a row. We are so proud of Brent! As a key member of the industry, we hope he continues to get recognized for his achievements and the time he contributes to event planning, strategic initiatives, and activities for the betterment of our industry.

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