Black Hat SEO- Don't Do It!

Cheaters never prosper and the same goes for search engine optimization. Black Hat SEO has been popular for a few years now and it entails tactics people use to try to trick the search engines so they get higher rankings faster. I strongly reccomed staying away from any tactics known as Black Hat SEO tactics. These are things such as doorway pages, spamming content, keyword stuffing, spamming blogs, improper re-directs, click fraud, and more. There are organic SEO black hat techniques and PPC black hat techniques. eventually every site that uses black SEO techniques gets caught and is blocked forever by the search engines. Being banned by Google is like a death sentence for your business.

It usually takes a minimum of 6 months for a new site to start getting organic SEO rankings on Google. If anyone tells you they can get results before 6 months, I would strongly question that company. They are probably using Black Hat techniques that can get their company and your company in trouble and blocked from Google. If you are using Black Hat PPC techniques such as click fraud to get your website more adsense revenues, you will be caught and now you can actually be prosecuted.

The best way to go about SEO is to hire a reputable internet marketing company or an SEO speciality company and use proper techniques that follow the guidelines outlined by Google. Google frequently changes their guidelines so make sure you stay on top of them because what is a white hat tactic today can be a black hat tactic tomorrow. Reputable firms like Internet Marketing Inc stay on top of these guidelines and make sure that your site will never be blocked in the engines.


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